Medico-Legal North West Chambers

Expert medicolegal witness services, delivered by an outstanding team of forensic psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.

About Us

Medico-Legal North West Chambers was founded in 2013 by Dr Appleyard and Dr Bacon, two forensic psychiatrists who wanted to provide high-quality expert witness services in the North West.

Medico-Legal North West Chambers


Dr Appleyard and Dr Bacon identified a need for psychiatric reports from consultants who understood local mental health resources and provision, as well as having medicolegal expertise.


The Chambers grew substantially with professional referrals, expanding outside the region and to include psychology services as well as psychiatry.


Medico-Legal North West Chambers is providing independent psychiatric and psychological experts to a wide range of solicitors, barristers and Courts throughout the United Kingdom.

We provide experts in criminal, mental health and mental capacity, family, civil and employment domains.

Psychiatric and Psychological Experts

We are a chambers which offer niche services only in psychiatric and psychological expert witness work.

With us you will be guaranteed expert medical witness services, an unrivalled personal service and knowledge of local mental health provision to direct your client to the best mental health care.

Informal Advice

We are happy to talk to you about whether an expert report might be helpful in your case, and if so what type of report this might be. Sometimes there can be confusion over the differences between what a psychology and psychiatry report offers, and we can talk you through this. At times you may simply want guidance on mental health issues or services without needing to instruct a formal report, and we are happy to be contacted for this.